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While that was rather exciting, alas, I think my laptop is at the end of it's GW2 career since it had to go into the shop recently, so I'm not going to be playing much (if at all) until around the end of May when all my work is in. I need this laptop to at least survive until then. After that I may start shopping for a more powerful machine as a reward for graduating/having a job for the year, but we'll see. If I do, that'll be fun :')

Also, the Molten Alliance Mining Pick is awesome. Really nice idea.

In the meantime, lots of work, as I say. I still have my dissertation to finish (though I'm enjoying it a lot so far), one exam, on take-home paper, and two more short papers. And then I'm done with my undergrad. That's kinda cool.

And tomorrow I get up at 5am to take a group of students to Manchester for NUS LGBT Conference... :) No rest. Nooooo rest.
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Best wishes for the conference! Do you have any further involvement in it or will you largely be reporting it? Does Skyler get to go with you?
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Ooh. Well, again, wishing you all the best for a smooth experience (as smooth as these kinds of conferences can be) and positive outcomes. :)