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Ghost ([personal profile] jesters) wrote2012-12-24 08:13 pm

Ways Not to Spend Your Dec 24th...

... Travelling to the other side of London on public transit with your very unwell dog because no taxi in London will take dogs and all the vets that are supposed to be 24hr emergency surgeries in your area are closed.

So, we've had to leave Faith-dog at the vet overnight for tests and x-rays after she was showing signs of an uncomfortable stomach and vomiting, but needless to say we are worried for her and just waiting for news.

In the meantime, we'll just distract ourselves with LotR movies and whatever else is distracting, I guess. Yeah. Feeling less than chipper right now, in all honesty.
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Ugh :-( Sending good thoughts to you guys and Faith-dog. That's a terrible way to spend an evening.