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Bi-monthly update is go, I suppose.

Since my last update I got all my results back for my undergraduate degree and my UG dissertation, after all my fretting and distress, got the highest grade of my entire degree, an 84 and the knowledge that one of markers felt that "[his] piece is terrific in my view. He's got to be one of the most compelling writers we've ever had and he's great on this combination-popular culture and gender construction." I have my graduation ceremony in mid-September where I get to wear silly robes and a hat and my mom will probably cry because I'll be graduating top two of my class (I don't know what the other guy got) with a First.

I'm pleased. Very pleased.

Also since the last update I started my year-long full time job at the Student Union. Since mid-June it's been a lot of getting up to speed with the inner workings of the institute, travelling across the country getting irritating and pointless training from the NUS, and planning for the swiftly-approaching new academic year. So far so good; we're getting along as a team, the work itself is enjoyable, but I'm already fairly convinced I won't re-run next year and I'll instead be going to do my MA somewhere.

We also decided to start swimming several mornings a week because I'm not very active and should be. We've had a lot of conflict of interest in finding physical activities that appeal because I don't like running or most sports and actively hate gyms. Swimming seems to be working well so far and I'm actually excited to go, so hopefully this will be an on-going thing (we'll see where we're at in a few weeks...)

In fandom life, we've been watching Attack on Massive McHugeBro Titan (great setting and plot, generally lackluster characters, which is sad), and Free! (aka the Gay Swimming Anime). [personal profile] laboratory came to visit in July and we had a spectacular nerdgasm over Pacific Rim which also included an impressive marathon of Evangelion because Fal hadn't seen it. I got to see big robots punching monsters for an entire weekend. I was thrilled. Also watched The Wolverine which was amazingly Orientalist in it's Japanese clich├ęs, but I love me some Hugh Jackman as Wolverine so even though it wasn't an amazing movie it was enjoyable. HOW ABOUT THAT SCENE AT THE END THOUGH?? Seriously, best bit. I was clutching my face it utter joy.

So yeah. Life is busy. I don't get to sleep in anymore. Skyler is nearing the end of his PhD and I'm so awed by him. We're having non-fandom friends over soon for wine-drinking and Marvel movie watching, so I'm muchly looking forward to that... Life is good, though very busy.

Some photos?

My first day of work was also my birthday. My predecessor made me this awesome cake because she found out I liked stingrays. It was so tasty too.

To celebrate new job and birthday, we got super gay drinks. I don't remember what was in it except for the gin and the cherries and that it was super tasty.

The sunset on the heath was randomly gorgeous one night.

Went back home to the South West briefly and went with my dad with Brixham. Beautiful views.

It has the smallest lighthouse in the country because it's a ways above sea level.

The beach near my parents' place and where I grew up has a cliff-side railway that has been there since the 19th century and was used during WWII to transport troops and supplies to and from the beach. It's been re vamped since then...

The weather was so lovely that day...

The reason for this brief trip was to scatter Faith-dog's ashes, which we did in the cove shown in the last picture. We still miss her terribly because she was a good dawg, but she had an excellent life and we did right by her. We got to take her back to the beach one last time and we did our very best.

Unexpected trip past Stonehenge.

But I missed my city too much. London ♥

I randomly stumbled upon the UK premiere of The Wolverine in Leicester Square. There were giant Wolverine claws at the end of the red carpet for the stars to walk through but I couldn't get a photo of that.

And I took part in an anti-British National Party protest. Fascists with state-sanctioned fascists pictured :')

That's about it for now. Not a super exciting update, but that's what's been up.
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I miss hooooome. That view in Brixham is one of my favourites ever. I love the London view though - is that the view from your place?

I have made no attempt to watch the swimming anime but it keeps coming up in my tags because Makoto(?) is represented by an orca or something?

I haven't seen The Wolverine (Kevin liked it though, I don't care for the character or Hugh Jackman), but have you read Wolverine & Kitty Pryde?
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[personal profile] pseudorca 2013-08-14 02:25 am (UTC)(link)
Saying "view" three times in one line! I win!
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[personal profile] pseudorca 2013-08-15 12:54 pm (UTC)(link)
Aw! You're the sweetest. I often find myself reminiscing about walking along the harbourside and pier in the sunshine... when we were last there it was winter so we only drove past, but I'd love to come back in the spring or summer. I was so disappointed in Torquay town center on that trip (sadly gross) though and try to think of how much I disliked that part to make me feel less homesick, but it doesn't help. It's a weird feeling. I suppose it did help that Waterstones and Blockbuster no longer exist there, but that in itself was sad.

Ahh I want a drink at the pub with a nice view! How far do you live from work/the heart of the city? It's been 11 years since I was actually in London on that art trip, and the last time I went through it I was on a coach so my London geography sucks. And yet every American asks me about it...

Gah! I just saw your "penguins are birds" reblog. A couple of weeks ago I had to describe why birds aren't mammals to an employee in one of my classes. An employee! I was mortified on her behalf. Perhaps I should stay clear of the fandom.
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[personal profile] kabal42 2013-08-15 04:58 pm (UTC)(link)
Wow, congratulations on the amazing results re. degree! *hugs tight* So well done you!

Wolverine was a fun pop-corn movie, which I watched for shirtless!Hugh Jackman (and got what I came for), but yes, that SCENE AT THE END!!!! Best part *G*

Lovely pictures too - especially the gorgeous views :) Thanks for sharing.