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Window Shopping

In a bid to not be so miserable, I'm doing some window shopping for a new laptop, and I'm justifying the window shopping by saying it'll be a "Yay, you finished your degree!" and a "Yay, you'll have a good salary for a year!" thing.

I've got a general sense of what I'm after, and it kinda falls into the department of something with very decent gaming potential, but what I'm less sure about is company and/or physical shell because I do want something with good air circulation. Anyone got any go-to shops or companies they'd recommend? [ profile] kamara? Or anyone else who has insight? :)
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My Compaq laptop died hardcore when I gamed with it all the time. It started emitting a high pitched whine and heating up, so it'd turn itself off or just never shut up with the ear-piercing siren of the hard drive in its death throes. The only thing that kept it functioning and silent was a $75 lap desk with a built in usb powered fan. :( So I would advice AGAINST that one.

I like my current one though. It's an HP. I have dropped it (Yes I am dumb) from about 2 feet and it still basically works, though it has a super big dent in it now. :(
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I have nothing useful to add but I have a Dell laptop at work and it's pretty good. I obviously don't use it for gaming though so I don't know how good it is for that. /COMPLETELY USELESS