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Apparently I'm keeping up this updating streak, for now at least, and I'm not entirely sure why now when I haven't been before. I think I'm just enjoying coming back to a format I pretty much spent the majority of my early net-life making some incredibly valuable connections on and much though I love plurk (and increasingly Twitter) for chattering, there's something nice about more detailed updates and the space to make longer comments back/with others.

Still, I'm updating for now so that's what I'm doing.

We took Faith-dog to the vet again recently. She had an ultrasound and seemingly it showed one small mass in her intestine near her stomach, but that's all they found. Compared to a couple of months back when they were seeming a lot of irregularities along her intestinal wall, that's very good. It's still unclear if this is just some of the old irregularity which has yet to clear up or a new growth, but for now we're hoping for the former because she's doing so, so well right now. Still keeping fingers-crossed for remission in 8 weeks time when we go back to oncologist. She smells like hospital-dog now.

Here's her from a few weeks back because she's cute :')

Now that I've had some sleep I'm doing much better. I've been planning some papers I'm going to write on which has reduced some of my panic a great deal, including one for a class on Art and War where I'm hoping to examine WWII propaganda in relation to Captain America, both circa WWII and in the current MCU incarnation. I've also been reading Hassler-Forest's Capitalist Superheroes, which so far I'm really enjoying, though it gave me quite a strange feeling after reading his chapter on Batman and V for Vendetta in terms of

We're also saw [ profile] annephoenix recently and that was really, really lovely. I haven't seen her for a couple of years, so Skyler and I met her at the station then went to get breakfast at Giraffe and that was wonderful. I love going out for meals. It's really bad. But I really love going out for breakfast, but usually I'm not up early enough for that and it's sad. Anyways, Anne got to meet Skyler's horse, Salsa, and I think that was good for him because I know shit about horses.

Guild Wars 2
No-one fucking tells you to get map completion you need to damn well do the WvW maps too... I have very mixed feelings about this because I'm not a PvPer by nature, but overall it's just irritating because (at least whenever I'm on) Gandara doesn't seem to have a ton of control over any map so hitting the PoIs and Vistas is a pain in the ass. Still, while I'm waiting around to clear maps it means I can collect Badges of Honour for the coat part of the medium Invader's Armor.

In general though, I think I've figured out my final mismatched thief look via window shopping...

Orrian Reward Helm - 180 Shards of Zhaitan
Shaman Reward Pauldrons - 210 Flame Legion Charr Carvings
Shaman Reward Gauntlets - 180 Flame Legion Charr Carvings (390 in total)
Invader's Armour Chest - 396 Badges of Honor (256/396 = 140 to go)
Warhound Armour pants - 924 Karma to Centurion Truthbringer
Crafted Noble Amour Boots - Already got

Pants and boots subject to shuffling around

Guess I need to hit more dungeons and get better at WvW... /firstGW2problems

Life Misc.
After mom and I had our fight about the undisclosed subject we have patched things up and Skyler and I are going down to Devon again this coming Friday. Nan has been staying with mom and dad lately because she's really not well and mom saying they're taking it "one day at a time" doesn't sound good. They're taking her back up to the midlands on Sunday so we'll hopefully get Friday and Saturday to see them, so I'm really glad we're getting to see both nan and my folks, if only for a day, while we're down.

SU and Uni
I've been dealing with the new LGBTQ Committee and they are...difficult. I can't fault them for not knowing how the union works, but I'm starting to find my patience tested by the fact that they seem to think that because they're taking over the society that means they can just ignore what everyone else is telling them, step on toes, and act like they've got some sudden monopoly to steamroll over any and all work that's been done so far. I like enthusiasm, I like they're interested and got lots of ideas, but I don't like how little they seem to be considering others and how only token awareness seems to be getting paid to areas of intersection. Boiling everything down, the big complaint seems to be that there hasn't been enough to satisfy the needs of the white, cis, gay men (not enough parties and alcohol, in other words). It's been a bit of a headache, but I'm starting to shift my position from friendly equal to more a voice with more knowledge and authority, and that's a bit difficult for me, but I don't like being walked over and ignored.

And now my classes are over for the year, time to buckle down to work until the end of May.

I've also been sick the last two days and that sucks :(
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Same here with regards to the updating. It's not like I suddenly have "extra" spare time or anything, but suddenly I got the urge to get back into the swing of recording my life. Even if it's a ghost town, it's important to me personally. There's only so much I can or want to say on twitter, tumblr, Facebook etc, which are all so very public. I'm glad I'm not the only one. :)

Faith has such a sweet face! I'm so glad to hear how well she's doing given her circumstances.

And I absolutely get what you mean about having to be authoritative. Since I was promoted to trainer I actually have to teach the people I used to work directly with, some of whom have been here longer than me, and even have to supervise the way they work. Thankfully everyone's been wonderful and accepting but the transition hasn't been easy.
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Hearing criticism of anything you've worked hard on is never going to be easy, but it will help you to be more successful than you already are in this area. You're great with people. You've got this! ♥

I also hope you feel better soon. :(
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FWIW, it's really nice seeing your updates. I enjoy having a more intimate space on my journal where I can say more, have the space and trust in people to do so.

Oh, end of classes! It always sneaked up on me when that happened. And again, congrats on the SU job, it's awesome. I hope the work-relationship gets better and sorted out.
Definitely also glad to hear the family stuff is better again, visit sounds nice.
Speaking of visits, I miss you guys - and [ profile] annephoenix!

Faith-dog is soooo cute! *pets her* It's great to hear she's doing so good with her health issues.

Gah, your papers sound SO INTERESTING! Please share more if you feel like it some time :-) I'd love to read it.
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:) I'm very glad. LJ has been dead to me, at least, for years now. I'm rather pleased with not really going there - unless it's for modly duties on [community profile] cap_ironman/[ profile] cap_ironman.

It is! Btw. a friend of mine is doing three months at Goldsmiths starting April for her PhD. I told her I have a friend working in the Student Union - in case a random person finds you. (Though I doubt she'll search people out. But then she could probably use contacts locally. IDK.)

I am hoping for a spring visit to go to the theatre :) I'll let you know. I'm thinking late May, perhaps, because I'm quietly hoping for PhD interview, which is early May. So if I don't get anything, it'll be a consolation prize - if I do, it's celebration.

Looking forward to seeing more of her adorable face soon.

Please do! I'd love to hear/read more! I bed that a head full of war is strange. What I study often gets under my skin in ways I am not prepared for - though it happens regularly so I ought to know.