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This is all about Guild Wars 2

So, in a bid to relax and unwind and recoup, I've been playing a lot of Guild Wars 2 again lately (this will reduce again once I get back into the work swing) mostly with [personal profile] laboratory and...taking screencaps.

Fal's been leveling his little cabbage-thief, so I tagged along and went all BAWWWW BB THIEF at him because he's ickle and cute :') But taller than my thief.

Speaking of my thief... :D

And I got a new skin for my bow because I can't afford Aether yet

And Orrian daggers.

Grenth fanboy :')

Sometimes GW!boifurendo looks very dashing indeed.

...then there's the reminder of the difference in taste thing :|

Naw, he's pretty awesome, all told.

But tall. Stupid tall people.

And more exploring... Snowy areas are pretty.

As are caves you fall into.

Reeeeeeally pretty.

The end.
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Bow ♥
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Archers are the BEST. We have a bow that was originally for Kevin's Hawkeye costume, but it's about as tall as I am (and therefore unusable for me), and we have nowhere to shoot it right now. :( Did quite nicely on our first/only trip to a firing range though.
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I had iRO archers all up in this bitch before it was cool! ...which makes no sense as a sentence.

The place we went to was waaaaaaaay out... south... somewhere... it was seriously about two hours south of Atlanta and was just a field on the land of a friend of Kevin's. He was having a birthday party and set up archery and a gun range, so I was also able to see, touch, and fire my first and so far only gun (I don't care to be near one again, even if I did hit the bullseye with my first bullet). There are some places closer to us for archery I think, we've just... been lazy (there may be a pattern here).

Not so much, although he did bring back his Ronin costume for D*C last year (Clint Barton "died" as Hawkeye and returned as Ronin, switching the bow for katanas, which I grew to find unbearably sexy). This year the focus is back on Thor for him and I think he's intending on remaking his Cap... again...